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Wasabi Wallet

Anonymity by default

Open-source and Decentralized
Bitcoin Wallet tailored for desktop users.

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Privacy is your ability to selectively reveal yourself to the world.

In the vast digital expanse where every keystroke leaves a trace, the concept of privacy takes on profound significance. It is not merely the safeguarding of personal information; it's an intricate dance between transparency and discretion, shaping your ability to selectively reveal aspects of your identity to the world.

Much like the pages of a dystopian novel by Orwell, our society is etching its narrative through the meticulous classification and management of individual data. In this narrative, Bitcoin-related initiatives find themselves navigating the currents of heightened scrutiny, compelled to amass vast troves of user data.

Enter the realm of Wasabi Wallet—a sanctuary built upon the pillars of confidentiality. Wasabi Wallet is a non-custodial, open-source Bitcoin wallet designed for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It stands as a beacon of privacy, incorporating features like Tor integration, CoinJoin, and integrated security protocols. This not only shields your financial affairs but also ensures a level of anonymity unparalleled in the digital wallet landscape.

Developers at Wasabi Wallet take pride in their commitment to privacy. Upholding a strict prohibition on the collection of personal information, they empower users to take control of their digital footprint. Here, the narrative of how you use your bitcoin becomes a tale solely yours to narrate.

As you traverse the digital landscape, your data, often exploited and commodified, yearns for protection. Wasabi Wallet emerges as a sentinel, a guardian of your digital sovereignty. In a world where every pixel illuminates a piece of your existence, Wasabi Wallet's commitment to privacy resonates as a rallying cry, reminding us that in the vastness of the digital cosmos, the power to selectively reveal is both a right and a testament to the uniqueness you bring to the world.

Therefore, embrace the sanctuary of privacy, etch your own narrative, and let Wasabi Wallet be the brushstroke that paints a canvas of digital freedom—an affirmation that in this interconnected tapestry, your ability to selectively reveal is both a right and a testament to the uniqueness you bring to the world.

Why Wasabi Wallet?

  • Unveiling Transparency

    Unlock the secrets of Wasabi Wallet, an embodiment of libre and open-source software. This ensures not just transparency but also guarantees deterministic reproducibility. The code is an open invitation for all to inspect, validate, and actively contribute to its evolution.

  • Guarding Privacy

    Crafted with precision, Wasabi Wallet erects an impenetrable shield around your privacy, fending off both public and developer prying eyes. This defense is fortified by groundbreaking features like coinjoins, client-side block filtering, and secure communication via the Tor anonymity network.

  • Key to Your Coins

    True ownership of your coins lies in your keys. Wasabi Wallet hands you the reins by allowing control over your private keys, empowering you with genuine financial self-sovereignty.

Wasabi Wallet Transaction Preview
Wasabi Wallet Privacy Progress
  • Intuitive User Interaction

    Wasabi Wallet excels in providing an effortlessly user-friendly Bitcoin wallet encounter. Seamlessly orchestrating user privacy, it adeptly manages network connections, input selection, and the intricacies of coinjoining processes behind the scenes.

  • WabiSabi Enchantment

    Harnessing the enchantment of WabiSabi, Wasabi Wallet incorporates an anonymous credential scheme crafted for more accessible and efficient coinjoins. This revolutionary methodology brings privacy to your fingertips without necessitating a substantial bitcoin balance.

  • Economical Privacy Safeguard

    Engaging in coinjoins with coins valued over 0.01 BTC incurs a modest 0.3% coordination fee, accompanied by coordinator and mining fees. Inputs of 0.01 BTC or less enjoy exemption from coordinator fees, even in remixes. This empowers both sender and recipient to remix their coins without incurring any coordinator fees when using coinjoined funds.