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You can help make Wasabi better


A contributor is any individual who works to add value to Wasabi and its users. Staying true to its open source nature, Wasabi Wallet has hosted multiple contribution games since their inception in July, 2019.

We now have permanent contributors who came onboard from the contribution games. But don't misinterpret our intentions. Though the word ‘game’ is in the title, this is very much meaningful work. As stated at the top of this page, we believe in the power of collaboration and trust the community to handle some of the more meaningful tasks.


Software testing is one of the most important, yet underappreciated aspects of software development. We recognize that there can never be enough people testing our software and we’re proud that there’s such a large community helping us. Follow the steps to contribute to the software’s development.

Say Hello and Get Started

  1. Join our Slack and definitely check out our GitHub repository.
  2. Introduce yourself, say a bit about your skills and interests. This will help others point you in the right direction.
  3. Explore the communication channels and find out what the peers are tinkering with, learn about the project and who is contributing in what way. This will help you to find interesting challenges for you to work on.
  4. Follow @WasabiWallet on X and subscribe to the Wasabi YouTube channel to stay up-to-date.

Learn How we Work

  1. To understand how Wasabi coinjoins work, read our WabiSabi research paper and explore the Documentation.

Do Valuable Work

Ok. You’re all set up and ready to work. Here’s what to do next.

  1. Find a problem somewhere in Wasabi-land that (a) needs fixing and (b) is a match for your skills and interests. Browse our open issues and ask around about what other contributors think needs fixing. While you don’t need anyone’s permission to work on whatever you want, it's best to know up front whether the work you do will be valuable to the team.
  2. Do work to fix that problem. Submit your fix for review with a pull request (for code and documentation changes) or with a GitHub issue (for everything else).
  3. Request that others review your work. The best way to do this is by writing good commit comments and pull request/issue descriptions that clearly explain the problem your work is intended to solve, why it’s important and why you fixed it the way you did. Make it as easy as possible for others to review your work so that it is a pleasure to review your work.
  4. Incorporate review feedback you receive until your fix gets merged or is otherwise accepted.
  5. Repeat steps 7–10.


Wasabikas have always been rewarded for offering technical support on various platforms. This allows for "fresh eyes" to review the changes, updates and features implemented in the software. People wanting to learn about Wasabi Wallet and offer support to its users can now express their interests by joining the support team. First, they must go through an orientation process where they learn about the inner workings of Wasabi Wallet.

Then, candidates will be left on their own to determine how well they are able to individually offer support to Wasabi users with the possibility of officially joining the Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Support Team.


Though we have a spectacular in-house blog writing team (no bias here), we'd love to offer a space for more great authors on our platform. Submit your work on the current prompt and we will review it. If it's something on par with the level of writing we'd like to feature in our blog, then you will be rewarded with a 100USD blog writing bounty paid in Bitcoin.

We're excited to see more and more contributing authors being featured on our blog and it's our intention to post even more technical articles for the community. After winning the bounty, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity to consistently write content for us for an even bigger prize.

Contact us

If you would like to contribute, reach out to us about one of the topics above at:

[email protected]

Career opportunities

zkSNACKs is not an ordinary company. It is a collection of like-minded individuals who want to fix the world by fixing the money.

Open-source software, like the internet, is one of the greatest gifts to humankind. Unfortunately, philanthropy is not as motivating as earning money. For this reason, zkSNACKs is the company which sponsors the development of the open-source software which is Wasabi Wallet.

Feel free to send us your resumé, portfolio or CV. Though there may not be any current openings in your field; if you’re that incredible, then perhaps we can be convinced to create a position just for you. Hint: consistent contribution to our contribution games is the best path to getting hired.

Bitcoin Only

  1. We all hate wasting time
  2. Cryptocurrency is the future
  3. Good money drives out bad money

As long as Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, dealing with altcoins is a likely way to end up on the wrong side of history. For this reason, altcoins are noise and Bitcoin is the signal.

C#/.NET Developer

Location: Preferably Budapest, Hungary. Can be remote.
Job Term: Full-Time
Pay Rate: Monthly

Summary: Things work best if we all speak the same language and this language is C#.

Required Skills:
  1. Expert knowledge of C# within .Net framework
  2. English communication

Office life